About Biograd

undefinedBiograd na Moru (76.300), once a coronation-town of Croatian kings, is nowadays an important and modern tourist capital of the Riviera sharing the common name - Biogradska Riviera. Once the crown city of Croatian undefinedkings today Biograd on sea is a well-known tourist and nautical center as well as the center of the Riviera that goes by its name.
The city has grown into a size that is just right for living. It lies on a peninsula surrounded by modern marinas and a promenade with an unforgettable view of the Pašman Canal and the islands scattered in it.
Its location in the middle of the Adriatic coast surrounded by 5 National Parks and 2 Nature Parks, the vicinity of the Kornati Archipelago and Lake Vrana, its long-standing tourist tradition are only some of the reasons for choosing Biograd as a destination for an interesting and dynamic vacation.
GPS coordinates of Biograd na Moru are: 43° 56´N 15° 27´E

Tourism Association of Biograd